Team & values​

The whole team has defined the triptych that animates it and strengthens the cohesion of the agency on a daily basis:

“Listening – Authenticity – Responsibility”

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Listening is the foundation of our business. Our primary role is to support our clients with their speeches, our business partners with their information needs and our teams with their missions. This is what makes listening – with openness, exchange and empathy –  essential to finding the best solutions to the most pressing issues of the day.


In all our interractions, we foster an authenticity based on simplicity and sincerity, which allows us to maintain realistic relationships with our clients, partners and teams. This authenticity generates trust, which is fundamental to the success of our actions.


We take full  responsiblility for the reputation of our corporate clients, the consulting assignments entrusted to us and our use of media, including social networks. Our goal is to achieve tangible results in an entrepreneurial spirit. For us, responsibility means involvement, rigour, high standards and team spirit.

Expert profiles

Our small but talented team of a dozen consultants with complementary skills (CELSA, Sciences Po, Master Digital and Communication, School of Journalism), work closely together, combining expertise, responsiveness and the highest of standards in all our assignments.

A bespoke team

Each of our clients is matched with at least one Account Manager, a Consultant and an Assistant. While each has a specific role, we favour collective intelligence and team spirit. In this way, we pool our knowledge and ideas to bring you the most relevant solutions to protect and enhance your reputation.

A results-oriented culture

Our values of listening, authenticity and responsibility feed directly into our results- oriented culture and are indeed crucial to the efficiency of our assignments. They allow us to use common sense, to tackle and extract the essentials from complex matters, to find the right tone and to build quality relationships over time.