Content & editorial STRATEGY

Content: the battle for attention​

In this age of information flow, content is an essential resource. We work with you to develop the right editorial strategy to share your vision, engage your stakeholders and anticipate new aspirations.

Do you have a project?

Listening to your audiences

To reveal your positioning and uniqueness, we create targeted speaking opportunities. First, we listen to your audiences so that you are in tune with them. Then we choose the most compelling formats and channels to capture your audience, control your e-reputation and gain influence.

Measure content performance

Writing without actually being read puts your overall communication strategy at risk. Together, we identify the right KPIs to follow in order to address reputational issues, lead generation and/or customer satisfaction. The objective? To measure the performance of your editorial visibility and thus build a relevant and engaging content strategy over the long term…

The importance of words

Whether they are written, spoken or put into images and music, we love words. Especially yours. As editorial professionals, our consultants think in terms of content. The result? We develop relevant narrative and information formats across all media to tell your story and your plans for the future in your own words.