Crisis communications

Anticipating to better manage reputational risk

In the era of multi-channels and instantaneity, successful crisis management requires a response that is both right and rapid. CICOMMUNICATION helps you activate the right relational and conversational levers at the right time to protect your reputation and activities.

Do you have a project?

Control your brand image and manage your e-reputation

You have control over your brand image. However, your e-reputation is made by your stakeholders. Since the two are interdependent, CICOMMUNICATION develops both your digital imprint and your press capital in order to manage your reputational risk, gain visibility, emphasise the consistency between your image and its perception, and maintain your reputation.

Protecting and restoring your reputation: a question of method

What is the nature of the crisis we are facing? What needs to be protected first? The answers to these questions will enable us to draw together an effective and proportionate crisis communication matrix that is also perfectly integrated into your organisation. The objective? To establish dialogue and consistency in all your actions.

A mastery of all media

As a recognised player in the information value chain, CICOMMUNICATION has access to all on and offline media and covers all business sectors. This in-depth knowledge and the trusted relationships with its major players, combined with the seasoned experience of our consultants, guarantee you a high level of support.

Ethics and confidentiality

We carry out our consulting assignments ethically while looking after your interests and our own. We support our corporate clients and their decision-makers in strict compliance with the codes of ethics in force and applicable to our business. All our actions are governed by the usual guarantees of professional privacy and confidentiality agreements.