Decision-makers communications

Personal branding for both collective and corporate purposes​

Today, leadership and communication are inseparable. We provide you with advice and bespoke tools to reveal your true communication potential and thus create engagement with your stakeholders.

Do you have a project?

Embody your company's strategy

Your impact will depend on your ability to embody the vision, the ‘raison d’être’ and the purpose of your company. CICOMMUNICATION helps you define your style and develop your own tone of voice so that your speeches are consistent with your personality and your company’s positioning, its culture and its business issues.

Amplify the influence of your company

As a manager, taking control of your personal communications will contribute to managing the image risk of your company. Developing your personal branding means going further, providing an additional sounding board for the visibility and reputation of your company. How do you achieve this? By delivering the right communication, at the right time and on the right channel.

A customised approach

Our personalised support is two dimensional: both strategic and operational. We help you take the next step in understanding your role as a communicator and then we provide you with the best tools for immediately applying that knowledge. The success of these training sessions is measured by the achievement of objectives set together at the outset.