FINANCIAL communications

Optimise the value of your company​

Whether you are a listed or unlisted company, a management company or an investment fund, CICOMMUNICATION brings clarity, impact and perspective to the financial data about your company or holdings.

Do you have a project?

Write about and publicise your equity story

Informing, reassuring, convincing and inspiring are the 4 essential pillars of a powerful equity story. While complying with all regulatory requirements, we work with you on promoting your corporate strategy. We accurately evaluate your growth potential so that you can develop your financial and non-financial reputation.

E-reputation: a strategic asset to protect

The e-reputation of a company is not just a strategic intangible asset. It has, in fact, become an essential driver for development as well as being key to engaging employee commitment and the trust of third parties. At CICOMMUNICATION, we monitor, measure and manage the risks to your online reputation in order to reinforce and sustain the value of your image capital.

Building loyalty in your financial community

With a dual expertise in finance and communication, CICOMMUNICATION has a complete understanding of how markets work and an in-depth knowledge about the economic and financial community. Our consultants will help you develop personalised and lasting relationships with the key players in your financial ecosystem.