Digital & social media​

The web: an engine of growth and influence for your business​

The question is no longer whether to exist on the internet and social networks but how to do this. We help you develop your online visibility strategy to measure your presence and engender a lasting and trusted relationship with your stakeholders.

Do you have a project?

Manage and control your e-reputation

If a reputation is gained over time, the e-reputation can be  created or lost in a moment. To prevent and control any negative buzz about your company or one of its managers, we monitor your online image on a daily basis. Our digital consultants can handle any type of situation, from a simple negative opinion to defamatory statements that may require legal analysis.

Reinforce your digital imprint

Developing a positive presence on the internet, generating qualified traffic, creating web content strategies, improving your SEO, enriching your digital ecosystems, interacting with your communities… are all technical and conversational levers developed by the agency to give substance and resonance to your overall communication strategy.

Social listening: to better understand and engage

To understand your clients, you don’t need to talk; you have to listen to them.  Whether on social networks, forums or opinion sites, digital monitoring provides quantitative and qualitative data enabling a near real-time analysis of what is being said about your brand and your environment. The objective? Defining trends to guide your business and relationship strategy.