Mission & approach​

We assist decision-makers in companies of all sizes and in all major economic sectors in protecting and enhancing their reputations. How do we do this? By activating the most relevant relational and conversational levers.

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We are CICOM,

corporate communication consulting agency

Our conviction: your reputation has value

At every stage of your company’s development, your different audiences and stakeholders have an image of your business. This will evolve over time and is dependent upon your activities and communication actions. Your reputation can have a significant impact on your business and your organisation.

Our mission: to protect and enhance your reputation

You operate in a multi-channel media landscape where the delivery of messages is very fast. This environment is the prime sounding board for your reputation. We protect and enhance your reputation capital by utilising our expertise in corporate communications, media relations, digital and social media, financial and decision-makers communications.

Get in touch with your audience...

To ensure that a positive and lasting impression about your company is retained, we connect with your stakeholders through various channels: ‘traditional’ media (press, radio, television), the digital sphere, the financial ecosystem, etc. Thanks to our experience of more than 25 years, we have a large network of influential contacts in France, and in Europe via our local independent partners.

...through bespoke conversational levers

We help you to develop personalised communication tools – from strategic consulting and operational implementation to the creation of editorial content – that will enable you to establish a conversation with your audiences. The objective? To communicate your corporate DNA, your vision, your expertise and the personality of your company by identifying points of convergence with that of your target audience.

Our approach: results-oriented culture and close proximity

Driven by our independence and results-oriented culture, we combine listening, rigour and performance. Comprised of only a dozen consultants, the agency is on a human scale, which enables us to establish close working relationships with our clients, guaranteeing efficiency and relevance.