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Achieving and increasing Corporate PR & Media exposure


Corporate PR & Media Relations, the core of the communications strategy


The media are now the primary sounding board of a company's reputation. The emergence of the internet has multiplied and diversified the media channels which businesses must address: press, radio, television, pure players, blogs. Media Relations are central to any Communications Strategy, as well as Digital Communications and newer practices relating to social networks.


A proven Corporate PR & Media Relations approach


Our aim is to accompany you in managing the reputation and exposure of your company in the long term, regardless of whether your business is publicly listed and/ or has plans to be listed – or not. Audits, benchmark, strategic recommendations, establishing positioning, media-training, media-messaging…With over 20 years’ experience in Corporate PR & Media Relations and a decade in Digital Media, CICOMMUNICATION offers a wide range of skills that enables us to engage with all media, both traditional and digital.


Indepth knowledge of the corporate PR & media environment


Our approach is to generate regular coverage in quality media about the activities of your company, its management and its growth potential. Using our expertise in Brand Monitoring, Media Strategy, Editorial Communications, Writing Content, Developing Key Messages and Press Relations, we can help you achieve your objectives for increasing media exposure.
We have built up an extensive database of contacts and strong relationships with over 5,000 journalists across 1,300 titles of general and trade press - newspapers, news agencies, TV, radio, on-line news channels, news magazines, blogs, online press. Using this network, we have access to and are able to target over 40 industry sectors.