Media Relations


For a company seeking to put in place an efficient program of press relations, it’s essential to be present throughout the year on a variety of subjects. This continuous communications strategy permits to be in the media forefront throughout the year and to speak to all of its publics.

Financial Communications


Because of the very strict legal obligations which govern the rights and duties of a listed company, financial communications, and the specific media relations program that accompanies them, more than ever have strategic and legal dimensions. CICOMMUNICATION’s expertise in the field of financial communications has been demonstrated through its results with major companies. The agency accompanies them in their relations with financial markets professionals, journalists and shareholders, by constructing clear messages in which each word is weighed.

Digital Communications


With the Web 2.0, the worlds of media, communication and consumption have undergone an unprecedented revolution. Traditional methods have evaporated. The public is no longer limited to the receiving end, but is also broadcasting its advice, making and unmaking success stories, recommending or not, organizing and demanding. The expansion of social networks, therefore, imposes on companies the necessity of communicating differently. Web PR means knowing the influential bloggers in order to follow and interact with them to develop a balanced presentation of the company and generate traffic toward the company’s site. That's why for CICOMMUNICATION, a digital media relations mission always begins with questions, followed by actions.