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International communications and global networks


A genuinely international consultancy


Proud of our independence, CICOMMUNICATION has developed an innovative solution to enable our customers to increase their exposure and improve their reputation in Europe and the United States. It is the application of this results-driven approach that has been the cornerstone in helping to build our successful reputation.

International experts manage reputation and exposure


Management of all client records and communication strategies are orchestrated from Paris by our multilingual experts in PR and/or financial reporting. They also have a thorough knowledge of the market, the media and local influencers. In parallel, in all the markets in which CICOMMUNICATION is present, we draw on the skills of local consultants. All are highly experienced with backgrounds either in management roles within large companies or in senior positions within large communications groups. Each has an exclusivity agreement with CICOMMUNICATION.

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An international, competitive and unique approach


This collaboration enables us to provide clients with communication services in France and around the world while retaining a high level of flexibility. In that respect, the CICOMMUNICATION approach offers a refreshing alternative to that of many large organisations.