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Leveraging and maintaining key relationships


Understanding markets and company evaluations


Well thought-out Financial Communications are key to leveraging and maintaining long-term relationships of trust within the investment community, including shareholders, investors and financial analysts. At CICOMMUNICATION, we are committed to enhancing and optimising the share value of your business so that it accurately reflects your company's performance and its growth potential. Media Relations has a fundamental role to play in any Financial Communications programme. Using our knowledge of the strict legislation governing the rights and obligations of listed companies, we incorporate both legal and strategic elements into all communications about your business.

A powerful network of well-connected partners


CICOMMUNICATION has an indepth knowledge of the financial community. Our database lists over 1,500 analysts and institutional investors with links to more than 500 organisations. This access to such a wealth of data enables us to develop and maintain the financial image of our clients. We can support you in building relationships with key players in both the world of finance and to a wider audience: financial market professionals, journalists, individual shareholders and stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, public authorities).


Experts in all aspects of corporate and financial communications


Our consultants are involved in all aspects of Financial Communications – Financial Communications Strategy, Crisis Management, Media Relations and Social Media.