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Digital Communications Services & Tools

CICOMMUNICATION, digital consultancy based in Paris


We offer a service of digital communications, whose objective is to accompany you in the management of the e-reputation of your company.
We communicate and exchange information about your business, its leaders and its potential for growth, with the online press, blogs, and social media, to develop your positive online presence and thus generate media traffic to your site.
We also offer cleaning up actions or, where necessary, "flooding", when negative buzz about your company or your brands hits the web.
After several years’ experience in online communication, the CICOMMUNICATION digital sector has a network of influential and important contacts in numerous sectors of the online press and bloggers.
Our consulting services in digital communications include the following strategic disciplines and tools.

Monitoring and



  • Web curation
  • Web press reviews
  • Statistics reports
  • Traffic analyse
  • SEO performance
  • Social media visibility





  • SEO monitoring
  • e-reputation and SEMO analyses
  • Trafic management
  • Digital content
  • Strategic proposals
  • Management and creation of e-buzz
  • SEA and SEO strategies
  • Social media management


Digital communications
Dedicated tools



  • Web cleaning”: procedures for the suppression of content, procedures for requesting de-indexing from Google, legal counsel (in cases of defamation)
  • Communications adapted to the web
  • Creation and animation of blogs: content creation, netlinking
  • Animation of profiles on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, …
  • Relations with bloggers
  • Creation of newsletters
  • Organization of blogger events
  • Viral marketing operations
  • Purchase of traffic (SEM, Facebook Advertising, …)
  • Digital press kits