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Enhance the position of your company on web and social networks


Today, the question is no longer whether your company should have an internet or social media presence, but how you should be positioned. In addition to any traditional Media Relations Strategy, it is now essential to have a Web Visibility Strategy. Since 2005, CICOMMUNICATION has been helping clients manage their e-reputation. Our goal is develop a positive web presence that generates qualified traffic to our clients’ corporate websites. Content Strategies, Online Presence, Identifying Keywords, Digital Ecosystems, SEO, Buzz Marketing, Digital Monitoring, Community Management – experienced and attentive to new trends, CICOMMUNICATION has as its focal point a large network of influential contacts among the online press, blogs and social networks in many sectors.


Managing A Digital Crisis


We can provide vital support if you are ‘drowning’ due to a negative buzz about your company or its brands on the internet. We offer both a ‘clean-up’ service, effectively removing adverse online coverage, and/or damage limitation services, counteracting any negative press with positive input about your business across all social media platforms. We handle all types of situations, from simple negative opinions to more defamatory or offensive remarks that ultimately require legal advice. Our partnership with a law firm enables us to respond quickly to such situations – within 24 - 48 hours for even the most extreme cases of defamation or serious injury to your reputation.


Our digital communication specialists and SEO experts advise and assist you


Whatever your e-requirements, CICOMMUNICATION is able to develop and implement bespoke Digital communications strategies for your company’s online media and social networks.