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Delivering corporate communications


An Independent Communications Consultancy


Established in 1992 and based in the heart of Paris, CICOMMUNICATION is now one of the most well-known consultancies in its sector.
Proud of its independence, the agency specialises in Corporate Communications, Financial Communications and Media Relations. This integrated offering makes it the ideal partner for managing the corporate reputation and brand visibility of businesses in France and internationally.

Our mission: to develop and maintain corporate reputations


With the proliferation of information channels and the ease and speed with which people can now communicate, rumours can soon become inflated.
Today’s challenge is not just to be heard but, more importantly, to be understood. Our methodology? We constantly monitor all news channels and platforms. We deploy both Upstream and Downstream Activities that enable our customers to manage reputation risk and maintain control. This means that they are able to react immediately to situations and adjust their communications accordingly.

consultancy in pr and media relations, digital communication, corporate communication and financial communication

More than 20 years’ experience and international connections


As a result of our combined experience, skills, partner network and international connections, CICOMMUNICATION works with clients throughout Europe and the United States. Our clients in the B2B and B2C sectors benefit from our expertise in Brand Audit, Content Strategy and E-reputation. Through effective Reputation Management, they are better able to manage reputational risk in the long term.